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What people are saying...

Having worked with Tracey on many different projects I can can say with certainty that she always does an incredible job and is truly a joy to work with. I could not think of a better all-around designer anywhere!

Chris E.


Tracey was able to come in and make her department (marketing) shine. She is flexible in her decision making and was very creative when she was overcoming obstacles. She is very personable and can work with anyone. She is attentive, dedicated, and detailed oriented. I would recommend Tracey for a marketing position; you will be pleased with your decision to add her to your team.

Jill R.


Tracey is an ultra-dedicated marketing and graphics coordinator that brings everything she has to the creative process and in event management. It was my privilege to work with her prior to my arrival at HydraMaster, and then after I came to HydraMaster. It is rare to find a creative force that can develop graphics and advertising while simultaneously exhibiting management and leadership skills. She is a self-motivated person who can be assigned a project and you will know it is done right from top to bottom when she is finished.

Doyle B.



Tracey is an extremely talented designer who can take a general concept or idea and turn it into something special. More than once I have come to her with what seemed like impossible projects, expectations, and timelines and every time she delivers a top notch finished product that clients can be proud of. I consider Tracey an extension of my own business and never hesitate to recommend her talents and can-do attitude to anyone looking for design help.

Cassandra L.


I highly recommend Tracey to any company that needs immediate expert help with graphic design work - whether implementation or concept - Tracey has the skills to envision great design and then make it happen.

When Tracey joined Seattle Bank, we had limited ability to deliver high quality graphic design for our marketing materials (print and web). She jumped right in and immediately provided impactful, eye-popping graphics that brought our materials up to a professional level we had been unable to achieve prior.

Tracey's work ethic is superior, always bringing great input to the team and a can-do spirit to delivery. If you need someone who can step in with little guidance and nail the target, she is your man (as the saying goes) ...

Derin B.


I had the privilege of working with Tracey Johnson during my tenure at Seattle Bank. During this time Tracey consistently impressed with her professionalism, commitment to Seattle Bank as well as her exceptional design skills.

While working for Seattle Bank Tracey quickly established herself as a graphics design guru. She reworked our standards and cleaned up many advertising pieces. She also worked very closely with our partner organizations ensuring any advertising met their criteria as well as remaining in compliance with applicable federal regulations.

Tracey has impressed with her creativity and with her consistent and timely communication skills. Future employers should feel confident that their requests and communications will be addressed in a timely manner and with consistent quality. Tracey's proven commitment to the work at our organization I am confident will transfer to her work with any future clients or employers that may seek her services.

Tracey is a very dynamic professional in my experience her Adobe skills are unmatched. No challenge presented to her was uncompleted. I truly enjoyed working with Tracey and I recommend her for any endeavor she chooses to pursue

John E.


Tracey is an extremely experienced and talented graphic designer who needs very little direction and produces quality results with a short turn-around.

Her enthusiasm and passion are contagious and she was a pleasure to have on our team at Seattle Bank. I would highly recommend her for any position that could utilize her creative talents.

Nancy S.


Tracey is the point person for numerous Marketing projects at HydraMaster, as such she is the primary interface to the Operations team working on product phase-out, new product introductions, preparation for trade shows, trade show support, website design, product manuals and other promotional and printed materials. She collaborates well with others, often going out of her way to make sure that things are going according to plan. She has a superb work ethic and demonstrates a high level of personal investment is product launch completed very well and on time. Tracey's Adobe skills are impressive, she is very accomplished at using Photoshop, Acrobat, In-Design and numerous other Adobe products. She is also a very good photographer and conducts the photo shoots for new products at HydraMaster. I enjoy working with Tracey immensely, she is very creative, helpful and supportive of her colleagues and the company. I am pleased to recommend Tracey for any graphic design assignment and beyond that, as a key resource for any significant marketing undertaking.

Gail K.

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